Tracking someone location is not just a matter of convenience anyone. With crime lurking everywhere, knowing the exact location of your loved ones lets you know that they are safe and no harm is upon them. It’s also a good way to find out if your partner is cheating. There are several ways to carry out the process of tracking someone location. Here we’ll discuss everything related to that.


Is it possible to track someone location with phone number?

With the assistance of GPS technology, it is possible to track the precise location of a mobile number. Also, cell phone carriers use towers to provide a signal to their customers. Using a cell triangulation technology, cell phone tracking apps can pinpoint the GPS location of any phone on a cellular network. This lets you track someone’s current location with just the phone number in a few minutes.



How to track someone location with a phone number?

Tracking someone location using their phone number is easier than you thought. Phone tracking tools are the perfect way to go. Services like Find My Phone enable you to trace phone number location easily and quickly. You can simply enter the phone number you wish to track, the system will try to activate the GPS on the phone and find out the location. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Android or iOS device.

This method is highly effective if you need to keep track of family members, your partner’s phone and even your own phone if you’re prone to losing it. It doesn’t even require downloading and installing a location tracking app on the target device. And the best part is that no technical knowledge is required.


Can I track someone by phone number without their knowledge?

Yes, it’s possible to execute location tracking without the person knowing. Let’s explore some solutions for the two most popular types of phones.

iPhone reverse phone lookup

As we have mentioned, Find My Phone allows you to see the precise iPhone location. If you know the targeted phone number, it’s half the battle. Just type it in the search field and get started. You can choose to stay anonymous and the system will send a request to activate the location service. The person will not know it’s you are performing tracking. Once done, you’ll be notified and immediately supplied with the person’s exact location on a map.



Android reverse phone lookup

Reverse phone lookup service also work well on Android devices. You also can opt for a phone tracking app or spy app like Find My Kids or Famisafe to track your family members cell phone location. It offers a lot more information than a web-based mobile tracker, but it requires to you install and authorize the app on both target device and receiving device. The main features include tracking GPS location, setting geofence, seeing call logs and more.

You will be able to set up safe zones so you know when your loved ones enter or leave special areas on a map. Users can choose to hide the app icon and run the app in the background. As long as they have internet access, you can view data including cell phone location from their phone.


Is GPS location tracking accurate?

Most GPS tracking apps and services are accurate to within three meters, allowing users to access accurate location data. While performing in low-accuracy area can negatively affect the results. GPS tracking technology has evolved to ensure stronger signals and greater accuracy.


Can I trace someone using their phone number for free?

Plenty of free websites promise to trace the location of a mobile phone using the number, but few of them actually work. They are just trying to get you to look at ads and want your personal information to bombard you with emails.


Legal consideration regarding GPS tracking

If you are the parents with underage kids and you want to track their location without their knowledge, then it’s OK. But bear in mind that normally if you are tracking someone without prior consent, then it’s considered a punishable offense. So it’s requested that you don’t use these methods for something that can cause you personal harm in any way.


Final thoughts

The above options let you track someone location with a phone number and provide you with effective and desirable outcome. You can either use the phone number with a online tracing service, or install the tracking app on the target device. Before choosing any service, evaluate your needs and the form of information you want for future usage.