At UCB, students can advertise their used textbooks, sell used college books online as well as offline, and search UCB’s database for the college textbooks that they need.

Registration is free, and UCB charges no fees for using its services to advertise, buy, and/or sell books.

Because users can search the UCB database for books by campus, they have the option of buying and selling locally.  Local transactions eliminate postage costs as well as the need for packing and shipping. It’s a cleaner, greener way to buy and sell college texts.

“By advertising their used textbooks on UCB and then selling them offline, students can conveniently make extra money—without using lots of the earth’s precious resources,” says Roman Chertes, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC. “That’s because UCB isn’t just about reselling. It’s also a type of local recycling. And that makes it a great Green option for people who care about the environment.”

For those who want to advertise offline,  also offers free book posters which sellers can download, print, and post on campus.

Tutoring Services, LLC, is well known throughout the global educational community for its commitment to students and teachers. According to Chertes, the online tutoring agency is “not only operated by educators, but it’s also dedicated to helping educators. Now, when the economy is tight, especially for teachers, we want to provide the tools they need to supplement their incomes.” supplies tutors and students with a free, safe online meeting place. It also helps educators advertise themselves as tutors at no cost.

“We know that many teachers are students themselves,” Chertes explains, “and UCB can provide them with yet another way to earn extra money and get the books they need at a good price.”

Although UCB’s target users are undergraduates and graduate school students, anyone interested in buying and selling college textbooks is encouraged to register, even online bookselling businesses.

“A large number of registered sellers will give buyers more options,” says Chertes, “and better pricing.”

Roman Chertes, Founder
Tutoring Services, LLC
Used College Books

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