Traveling alone can be an exciting experience of personal growth and discovery. However, it also has its own series of risks, especially for more and more young people to participate in this type of travel. Traveling alone is often accompanied by danger, but it should not prevent you from enjoying a little fun! So, don’t let your high spirits thaw, take some time to study how to make you safe, even if you are thousands of miles away from your family! Today, we will discuss some ways to keep you safe when traveling alone and how to use GPS cell phone locator to fully enjoy your personal adventure.

Choose your destination carefully

For security reasons, ensure that the safety level of your destination meets your personal travel safety needs. This will involve checking the destination single traveler section, the guidebook, and your government’s travel website.

Understand the local emergency information

The local emergency telephone number has been instilled in your mind since childhood, but you may not even think about who you will call when traveling. Be sure to find the local emergency number of the new destination and store it in memory. Thankfully, most places are as simple as 911 in America.

Don’t forget your safety knowledge

Just like at home, a little safety knowledge will help a lot. Stay in a well-lit place at night. In case of emergency, please keep your mobile phone within reach. Know your limits when drinking, and don’t let your drink out of your sight. Even if you are on holiday, you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Choose small group tours and find reliable sources for tour guides

When visiting a new city, visiting by local experts is a good way to know your surroundings. In the past few years, the number of small-scale tours has increased. These tours provide you with an opportunity to visit a city with your specific interests and meet fellow travelers with similar interests.

Always carry a map with you

Although walking around with a map in your hand may make you look like a vulnerable tourist, it is helpful to carry a map with you. If you get lost, go to the shop and ask for help. They are especially useful when you don’t understand the language. You can point to your destination and make communication easier.

Download Family Locator before you travel

Before you leave, be sure to make a schedule for checking in at home and make sure they have a copy of your travel plan. Leaving your trip to friends or family at home means that someone always knows where you are or where you should be. This is also very important in natural disasters, man-made disasters and other major destructive events. If you miss your stay, they will be able to contact the hotel where you should stay. Download Family Locator in advance before traveling, and keep regular contact with your family, so that your family can clearly know where you are when traveling and where you have been, so that everyone can enjoy your solo trip with peace of mind.

SOS feature in Family Locator

The most important part of safe travel is to find you safely and quickly in any emergency. Family Locator solved this problem skillfully. If you need help from your family in an accident while traveling alone, you can send an emergency call to your family by using SOS function, so that your family can receive the notification with complete location details at the first time, and help you contact the local police and go to the rescue immediately!


It can be seen that traveling alone has become a popular way for young people today, and it is also an important process for you to grow up. Family Locator can let your parents not worry about you while traveling alone.